Csővárberki Tücsi

27.02.2007. - 23.05.2016.
Breeder: Katalin Noveczki
Owner: Eszter Soóky-Takács

Father: ICH.WCH.HGCH.Jub.Ch. Csővárberki Dömper

Mother: Diana Danubius


Breeding Licence


International Champion (ICH)
Hungarian Champion (HCH)

Hungarian Grand Champion (HGCH)
Club Winner 2010 + BOB
4x Very Promising
Baby Club Winner
Baby Best In Show 3.
Res. Puppy Best In Show
2xHPJ (Hungarian Prima Junior)
Best Junior
Junior Best of Group (JBOG)
4xBest of Breed (BOB)
2xRes.Best of Group (Res.BOG)
Most Beautiful Hungarian Huntingdog 2nd place

Basic Exam (AV) - 110 scores
Hunting Licence (VAV) - 200 scores (max.)
Hunting Licence (VAV) - Bloodtrack - 200 scores (max.)
Autumn Breeding Exam (ÖTV) - 257 scores, I. price, most succesfull dog on the test
Hortobágy Cup 2009. - 171 scores, 9th place
Hortobagy Cup 2010. - 250,5 scores, II. price, 6th place
Hortobágy Cup 2012. - scores, I. price, B group.3rd place
II. Vasas József Memorial 2012. - 254,5 scores, I/f price, 6th place, Best Field Work Special Award
Blood Tracking Competition 2011. - 50 scores, II. price, 7th place
Blood Tracking Competition 2012. - 54 scores, II. price, 5th place

I fell in love with the breed because of Dennis and I decided I want to have only wires. I got in contact with Kati earlier, I love her dogs, (Dömper and Dia) I loved them because they are always laughing, they always want to work.
When I heard that she was planning the last litter from this mating, I reserved a puppy.
My life was a bit confused but I went to Kati and took the puppy to us. I wasn't disappointed, Tücsi is like her borthers and sisters. She is a wonderful dog, wants to work all the time, she has a really good nose, learns fast and easy and LOVES to work. Everyone who see her, falls in love with her as well. She has an extreme passion for work in this breed, never give up anything!
Breeding with her I want to keep these abilities in my lines.

23.05.2016. She's gone. She lives further in her progenies. I feel I'm the luckiest in the world because she was my dog, my friend, my mate.