Mecsekjáró Ajta "Tegza"

DOB: 01.04.2014.
Breeder: Attila Illés

Owner: Eszter Takács

Sir: Eszter-Házi Drótos Baja "Bitó"

Dam: Messzivadász Alíz "Rege"





Tegza is out of an Eszter-Házi Drótos. Her father is Bitó, who is litter brother to the aussie one, Crikey. So she is granddaughter of Tücsi. She is very calm, silent, kind and shy. Maybe too much. I was affraid that she won't be a good working dog. I was wrong. When she is on the fields she become a hurricane, she loves to work and she works until she get what she wants.
She is very similar to her mother. Tegza is a very promising girl and I have big plans with her. Hope she will be as good as her parents and grandparents.