Eszter-Házi Drótos Ánizs "Pinka"

DOB: 28.12.2009.
Breeder: Eszter Takács

Owners: Dóra Horváth and Eszter Takács

Father: Ulk De La Campagne Du Buisson "Hunter"

Mother: ICH.HCH. Csővárberki Tücsi


Breeding Licence

2x Very Promising
HPJ (Hungarian Prima Junior)

Basic Exam (AV) - "excellent", 116 scores (max)
Hunting Licence (VAV)

Pinka is out of our litter "A". His name is about a creek in the countryside where I'm from. She is very much alike her parents.
Loves to work and always wants to do something. No matter what is that.
At Dóri's I know her in very good hands. Like Dóri' other dogs, Pinka also became a great agility-dog. This is their main profile.
Dóri and Pinka shows in the best way how can be a vizsla an "all-round" dog. In my honest opinion for a dog who does different works and to become an -easy to live with- dog it must have a perfect temperament!
However she is a great agility competitor Pinka is a great gundog as well! Her nose is like her mother's, and they regularly take part at hunts with us. Pinka (like her mother Tücsi) doesn't really like easy works. She is very enthusiastic, and she never give up!
She also has some very nice show results next to the hunting exams but she is a special dog for me because of her abilities and bloodline.