Eszter-Házi Drótos Csenge "Mese"

DOB: 08.09.2013.
Breeder: Eszter Soóky-Takács

Owner: Eszter Soóky-Takács
HD: 0/0

Sir: Csővárberki Duhaj

Dam: ICH.HGCH.HCH. Csővárberki Tücsi



Breeding Licence


Hungarian Champion
2 x Res.CAC, 6 x CAC, CACIB, Res.CACIB, BOB

Basic Exam (AV) - excellent
Hunting Licence (VAV)
Water-Field Exam (VMV)

Field Trial:
5 x very good
7 x excellent
3 x CACT
2 x Res.CACT
2 x Res.CACIT

Water-Field Competition:
02.10.2016. Apaj, CACIT Jubilee Water-Field Trial: 1st prize, Res.CACT, Res.CACIT, Special Award for the Best Female

Mese (which means fairy tale) is out of our litter "C". I was thinking a lot until I chose her. Finally the reason was her excellent nose and her character (which is sooo tipical of the Tücsi-progenies. They have their own opinion about the world - and about me of course). I wanted to keep a daughter out of Duhaj for myself. She is very similar to his father. Mese is very kind but if it's time to work - she pick up her nose and run like a rabbit. She works like I want her to do. I will have a lot of work with her until she become as great as her mother but with this kind of dog the work is a pleasure!