Eszter-Házi Drótos Csenge "Mese"

DOB: 08.09.2013.
Breeder: Eszter Soóky-Takács

Owner: Eszter Soóky-Takács
HD: 0/0

Sir: Csővárberki Duhaj

Dam: ICH.HGCH.HCH. Csővárberki Tücsi



Breeding Licence


Hungarian Champion
2 x Res.CAC, 6 x CAC, CACIB, Res.CACIB, BOB


Hungarian Field Trial Work Champion

Basic Exam (AV) - excellent
Hunting Licence (VAV)
Water-Field Exam (VMV)

Field Trial:
5 x very good
7 x excellent
3 x CACT
2 x Res.CACT
3 x Res.CACIT

Water-Field Competition:
02.10.2016. Apaj, CACIT Jubilee Water-Field Trial: 1st prize, Res.CACT, Res.CACIT, Special Award for the Best Female

Mese (which means fairy tale) is out of our litter "C". I was thinking a lot until I chose her. Finally the reason was her excellent nose and her character (which is sooo tipical of the Tücsi-progenies. They have their own opinion about the world - and about me of course). I wanted to keep a daughter out of Duhaj for myself. She is very similar to his father. Mese is very kind but when it's time to work - she pick up her nose and run like a rabbit. She works like I want her to do.
She was worth the wait and the lot of work. Mese is currently one of the most successful wirehaired vizsla females in Hungary.
I'm very proud of her, she always does her best, a perfect dog with a perfect character.
A real vizsla, an "easy to live with" dog, and to work with her is such a pleasure.