Diana Ficsúr "Dennis"

30.09.2000. - 14.06.2013.
Breeder: Korózs Gábor


Sir: Kecel-Hátsági Apród     

Dam: HJCH. Tiszaszentimrei Cinkos



World Winner
European Winner+BOB

Hungarian Show Champion
Polish Champion
Veteran Clubwinner 2009.
Veteran Clubwinner 2011.

Veteran Dog Of The Year 2008.
Res. Veteran Best In Show
2xVeteran Best In Show

-lots of CACs, CACIBs, BOBs, Most Beautiful Hungarian Breed, BOG (1,2,3), BIS, res.BIS

-dysplasia free  (HD-O)
-BH test

He has more progenies who are winners, have tests and are active hunting dogs.
Dennis was the most succesfull wire male at shows in Hungary!

Dennis is a really good friend, I fell in love with the breed and have got lot of friends because he is. He is a gentleman, has all of the charms and accomplishments what a vizsla can have. He loves retrieving, on field and from the water too, and Dennis is a really good teacher for Tücsi. I saw as he was a young boy that he loves to do agility but we could started it just in 2007. He is retired, showing just in veteran class. I have to thanks him a lot and I will never have a dog like him.

We went through lots of trials together. I had to start again from the beginnings more times and he was always next to me. The last start-again was not so long ago. He started with me but couldn't follow me anymore. 2 weeks is not a long time. But suffer, do everything, try everything, keep awake, just sit and cry because realize that I can not do anything - for 2 weeks, seemed to be forever... I should be glad that he didn't suffer for long time. But I don't. We were not ready. Neither myself nor him. I miss him so much... it's getting harder to face another day without him...
On 14th July 2013 at 6 pm we said goodbye to each other...